100mg Doxycycline

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100mg Doxycycline

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into a paste with sulphuric acid, and the temperature raised until the fumes of sulphuric acid cease to be evolved. The residue is then finely powdered, dissolved in ice-cold water, and the resulting solution poured over an excess of barium bromate. This operation is best carried out in Digitized by Google 280 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. a large evaporating dish placed on the water- bath, care being taken to keep the mass well stirred. After a lime the precipitate is allowed to settle, and some of the clear liquid taken up by means of a pipette and added to a warm solution of barium bromate; if no precipitate is obtained the liquid is filtered off. Sometimes, however, a precipitate is formed which consists of barium bromate, and therefore it is best to dilute with water and boil. If the precipitate persists, either more stirring or more barium bromate is required. When the double decomposition is complete, a little bromine is often liberated, but not sufficient to cause any inconvenience in the laboratory. This is evidently due to bromic acid liberated by a trace of free sulphuric acid accompanying the rare- earth sulphates, which should therefore be well ignited. The filtered liquid is now evaporated until a drop removed at the end of a glass rod solidifies when stirred on a watch glass. Under these conditions just about half of the substance in solution crystallizes out on cooling ; but alter a little experience there is absolutely no difficulty in judging the most con- venient concentration. Referring to the original paper for further par- ticulars, it may be here mentioned that the rare-earth bromates arrange themselves in the following order of solubility: Samarium (europium?, gadolinium?) terbium, yttrium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, and ytterbium, which is similar to the solubilities of the oxalates in am- monium oxalate, but different from the ethylsulphates ; since, according to Urbain, yttrium, erbium and ytterbium ethylsulphates are found in the most soluble portion. A 100mg Doxycycline fair conclusion can be drawn that the use of 100mg Doxycycline the ethylsulphate method would prove valuable in conjunction with the bromate, especially for the separation of yttrium from dysprosium and holmium, and perhaps for the separation of thulium from ytterbium. Chem. News, Feb. 7, 1908, 61-62. In a second paper, Mr. James communicates a description in detail of a Scheme for the Separation of the Rare Earths, in which he applies the method of fractional crystallization of their bromates. These are con- sidered in the following successive order : Zirconium and thorium, cerium and thorium, thorium, cerium,, lanthanum, etc. ; lanthanum, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium and europium, gadolium, terbium, dysprosium and holmium, yttrium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium and scand- ium. The fractionation of the least basic earths is still under investi- gation, with the object of preparing pure thulium for a determination of the atomic weight, and also to confirm Urbain*s "lutecium." Chem. News., May i, 1908, 205-209. Lutecium A New Element Split from Marignac^s Ytterbium, In the course of studies on the elements of the ytterbium group, G. Urbain detected in the arc spectra of certain fractionations of Marignac's ytterbia many lines, which could not be seen in the first fraction, or which 100mg Doxycycline were very Digitized by Google ARTIFICIAL CALAMINES. 28 1 faint in it. Following up this observation, he has obtained results which lead to the conclusion that Marignac's ytterbium is a mixture of two ele- ments, neo-ytterbium, and a new element which in honor of Paris he pro- poses to name " lutecium/' Lu, derived 100mg Doxycycline from the ancient name of that -city. The atomic weight of lutecium is not much above 174, 100mg Doxycycline while that of neo-3^terbium cannot differ much from 170. Chem. News., Dec. 6, 1907, 271-272. Neo-erbiuM Elementary Identity, Krtiss and Nilson having ques- tioned the elementary nature of the neo-erbium obtained by Cleve after having separated from the old erbium the accompanying elements scan- dium, ytterbium, thulium and holmium, K. A. Hoffmann and O. Burger have undertaken an investigation which proved that the neo-erbium earth obtained by Cleve and Nilson's method still contained impurities, which, however, for the most part appeared to be thulium, holmium, and dys- prosium. In the course of their further researches, in which they found the method of the partial crystallization of the ethylsulphates, as sug- :gested by Urbain, to be very useful for the separation of dysprosium and neoholmium, the authors eventually obtained a product which possessed elementary identity as regards spectrum and equivalent weight. The latter corresponds very closely to the figure 167.43 (O^ 16, 8 = 32.06). The specific weight of the neo-erbium earth, obtained by igniting the sulphate at iioo**C., was found to be 8.616 at 15 C. The accurate measurements of the beautifully 100mg Doxycycline sharp spectrum will be reported later. Chem. News, March 27, 1908, 145-146 ; from Ber. d. D. Chem. Ges., 41 {1908), 308. ZINC. Zinc Volumetric Determination, A. R. Thornewell suggests and de- scribes in detail 100mg Doxycycline an 100mg Doxycycline improved method for the volumetric determination of zinc, which has the advantages that the end reaction is quite sharp, and zinc is not used in standardizing the solutions employed. Its principal disadvantage is having to wait for the zinc sulphide precipitate to settle. The method is based on the following reactions : 1. 2NaOH -h H,S = Na,S -f 2H,0. 2. ZnSO^ 4- Na,S = ZnS -{- Na^SO^. 3. Na,S 4- HjSO^ = NajSO^ -f H,S. Normal soda solution is saturated with hydrogen sulphide, the zinc precipitated with this solution, and the excess of soda titrated. It can be looked upon as NaOH, and not Na^S, as the sulphide is only a means to an end, and acts under the condition of the experiment as an alkali. Chem. & Drugg., Sept. 7, 1907, 413. Artificial Calamines Use in Derma to logical Practice, 100mg Doxycycline In search of some innocuous coloring matter suitable 100mg Doxycycline to impart a color approximating
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